Happy Holidays

Wow, I almost can't believe it's December. The year has come and gone so fast. I know I haven't been very present on the blog. I've honestly just felt that my time was better spent elsewhere. It's been a difficult year, and fashion blogging and continuously posting photos of myself just didn't seem that important to me. It still doesn't. I will continue to add items to my shop, and I posted a holiday gift guide. I do love to shop and select great items for you guys!

I've got some exciting projects in the works. My husband and I have been looking for the perfect home for several years now. Well, we finally found it and will be renovating it. I'm super excited to get started, and I hope it turns out like I envision. I hope to make the time to share part of that journey with you guys. I do LOVE a good renovation project!

I've been busy decorating my home for the holidays and spending time with my pups! There really never is enough time for the pups! Puppy mamas out there...you know what I mean! My cute little poodle, Bentley, is almost 16 now, but he's still my baby! I really just love getting all warm and cozy and snuggling in for the day with them. They love it too!

I hope you are all enjoying your time with your family, loved ones, friends and, of course, fur babies! Be sure to check out my Winter Style Picks and my Holiday Gift Guide!



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