Get Ready for Fall

We all have our favorite classic Fall looks. In late Summer and early Fall, I love jeans, a nice top and loafers. Plus, you can't beat a great cardigan sweater! In fact, this is basically my daily uniform. I do love a great casual look! How about you guys, what's your favorite look for Fall? Most of the pieces below are on sale, so if you love what you see, click on the photos and shop the look. 
*This post contains affiliate links*

It's been a busy Summer around my house. My 85 year old Dad had a heart attack, so we've had to deal with that. He is actually doing pretty good at this point, thank goodness. However, any little health glitch like that throws everything off...I know you all get it! Thankfully, my wonderful husband steps in and helps with the pups, and we get things done!

I've added all sorts of home decor items to my page For the Home, so check them out! I'm also constantly adding new Fall favorites to my Shop Fall Style page, so visit often to get in on all of my favorite Fall looks!

I hope to post more often, but at the very least, I will update the shop pages! 




  1. I hope your Dad is recovering well and feeling much better now. Great picks for Fall - I'm loving mustard and ochre lately.

    Emma xxx

    1. Thank you Emma! He's doing better but still trying to adjuster to all of the medications that they put him on. Those are the worst! I've loving the mustard colors too. They are so Fall! It's still still super hot here in Florida while my friend in Canada posted a video of snow today! So crazy!!

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