Father's Day Gift Guide 2018 & A Few Random Thoughts

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It seems impossible that it's almost Father's Day 2018! Am I right? This year has flown by. I chalk it up, in part, to some of the disastrous events that have occurred this year, which haven't shared on here, and I'm not sure if or when I ever will. That's okay. Things are okay, or as okay as they can be. I will say, take a look around you, at your friends and family and be grateful to God for each and every one of them because when the truly hard things in life occur, they are the ones that will pull you though. You'll pull each other through. I've learned that this year more than I could have ever imagined.

Anyway, enough of that, here we are, half way through the year. Do you guys have big plans for Father's Day? I have to say, we are fairly low key, and we will likely do church and lunch or dinner with my Dad. He was just asking when Father's Day is...I guess he wanted to make sure he didn't miss it! I bought my Dad's gift back around Mother's Day actually, and I really just happened upon it. He always runs the risk of losing his keys, so I got him one of those Tile System Item Trackers. You just hook it to your keys, or whatever, and you can track them with your phone, in the unfortunate even that you lose them. It's less than $25, and I think it will make a great gift! I hope we won't have any more lost key incidents! He's 85, so the memory isn't that great anymore! He has gone all over town looking for his keys, only to realize he dropped them down in my couch. This will be the perfect gift!!

I've put together a small selection of items that I think any Dad would be happy to receive this Father's Day. To shop, just click on the photos below, it's that easy. I intentionally kept the selection small so as not to overwhelm you with time running short and all! Any Dad would love either pair of these leather flip flops. My husband wear them all the time. Swim trunks for this time of year are a perfect gift! For the professional Dad, the tie clip and the business card holder are a very affordable, yet great, option. 

Whatever you end up doing for Father's Day, or whatever you get your Dad, just remember to enjoy the day with him, and have fun. That's what's really important. Cherish the time you spend with your parents because they won't always be here. 

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  1. Those Happy Socks look comfortable! I definitely want to get a pair. :)

    Please stop by at www.colorandgrace.com every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for linkup parties! Hope to see you there!

    Grace Liang

    1. They must be Grace! My husband has so many pairs of them! He wears them under his dress clothes and thinks it funny when those bright colors pop out! 😜 I certainly will stop by your link up!

  2. He would be pretty much happy with anything that you give him. That's how fathers are programmed. But, to make your gift stand out and memorable, you should give something that show your efforts.

    You could give him the family calender, a calender having a photograph of your family with some of your father's funny sayings or a few words or memories that you wanna share, you can write them up there. Father's Day kohls promo codes 30 off


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