The Makings for a Cozy Mountain Cottage

The North Georgia Mountains are a special, special place. While we spend most of our time in Florida, very close to Pensacola, we also own a cozy mountain cottage in the North Georgia Mountains. While Florida is great, the Mountains call me home each time. It is so peaceful and relaxing there. Everyone takes life at a slower pace and it truly is just a happy place for me and for others. If you have never visited North Georgia, I highly recommend it. The natural beauty is unlike anything else and you will be content just staring out a window, or taking a walk through the woods, with the cool mountain air breathing down on you.

While the cool streams and soaring mountain tops are gorgeous and jaw dropping, a lot of the homes and cabins there are simple and not overly extravagant. Of course, there are some amazing homes, but it's true when people say that life in the mountains is simple, and that relates to a lot of the homes, as well. When we bought our house in the mountains, I wanted to ensure that our cottage felt like home to us, and that meant being cozy and comfortable. Sure, you can explore outside of your home and be completely content, but at the end of the day, true contentment comes when it's time to come home, relax, recharge, and spend time with the ones you love. Your home should be your safe haven, for lack of a better term. Here are my favorite makings for a cozy mountain cottage:

Warm Blankets
Although the entire year is not cold in the mountains, adding piles of blankets always makes a room feel cozier. I always keep warm blankets stacked on the back of the sofa, no matter the season. After a day of exploring the area, come back to your couch with a bottle of wine and watch a fun movie under a warm blanket. If you’d rather stay outside on the deck, grab a blanket, take a glass or wine (or beverage of your choice) and have a picnic under the stars. One more option would be going to a drive through theatre. There are a couple scattered around The North Georgia Mountains (not in every city, though). If you have one close to you, grab some blankets and a pick up truck and head to the theatre. Make a pallet in the back of the truck and get cozy. No matter what you choose to do, you will have a cozy, romantic night and blankets just always make a great addition.

Seasonal Decor
I have posted previously (like in this post) about loving to put up seasonal decor, especially wreaths! The great thing about the mountains is that it is already so beautiful that you don't need a lot of decor, but a few touches here and there are perfect! In the fall, play up the gorgeous ruby reds and bright yellows and oranges and bring them through your home. In the summer, you could base your decor off of the wild flowers that grow near you, as well as incorporating a lot of greenery. I find that floral touches throughout the house are simple, yet elegant.

A Roaring Fireplace
Like I mentioned above, it is not always cold in the mountains like some assume. With that being said, a roaring fire in the cold months is just dreamy. I think the crackle of the wood and the smell of the fire adds such a traditional scent to the mountain vibe, and, on top of that, it creates a romantic ambiance that you cannot find anywhere else.

Open Windows
The best part of the mountains is all of the natural beauty. Sitting behind closed off windows would be a shame, so please, if you take any advice from this post, make sure to incorporate open windows in your home so you can see all of the gorgeous nature landscapes of the mountains. Incorporating open windows is fantastic, but it can cause a few issues. For example, Georgia has a very crazy weather pattern. In the summer months, it can be quite hot, and in the winter, it can even be cold enough for snow. Having open windows lets that weather in. It heats up your home when it is hot outside and it is hard to keep a home warm in the winter months. If you are experiencing these issues, you may want to look into installing 3M™ Window Films from UHS Window Tinting and Blinds

While curtains and blinds are great for privacy and block out some heat, you don't want to block your view. Window Tinting solves that issue for you! It rejects the sun’s heat, while still preserving your views. It also increases the comfort of your home, complements and protects your blinds (if you are using any), helps save energy, and avoids glare and fading on your furniture. Window Films really solve many, many problems that windows, without curtains can cause you. UHS Window Tinting and Blinds is locally owned and operated and caters to premier residential and commercial locations. They have over 30 years of Atlanta window tinting experience and are committed to giving you a worry-free experience.

Loved Ones

What would be a cozy mountain cottage without your loved ones? My husband and I love taking out beloved dogs with us when we travel to the mountains. Creating a comfortable home is important, but it wouldn't be anything special without your loved ones by your side.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and have a great week!



*This is a sponsored post, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting my blog.


  1. Julie, so beautiful! I could use a quiet mountain getaway right about now! Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you Shelbee! You and me both!! LOL!!

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