The Farmhouse at Persimmon Creek

Okay guys, I promised you a blog post about our fabulous dining experience at The Farmhouse at Persimmon Creek...well, here it is! This particular restaurant offers the much sought-after farm-to-table concept. It is located in the heart of the North Georgia Mountains, in close proximity to popular Lake Burton, just outside of the town of Clayton, Georgia. The address is 3093 Ridge Gap Road, Clayton, Georgia 30525. If you are even  slightly a foodie...then you owe it to yourself to give the Farmhouse a try. The only rub is that it's only open Thursday-Saturday for dinner and the first Sunday of the month for brunch May-October, reservations required (Website here).  We have been attempting to make it out to this fabulous little gem for multiple trips to the mountains now, with something alway hindering us, but, we finally did. It's located about 45 minutes from our Georgia home, and the drive was lovely.

This was the vision we encountered as we approached the property. The restaurant is set amidst the most beautiful rolling countryside on what, we were informed, was formerly a vineyard.  Driving past this lovely entrance to the back of the barn is the location of what appears to be an old farmhouse. This farmhouse, we were told, was being constructed as a guest house on the property by the owner, when Vincent, the restaurant owner and chef, sought to open the Farmhouse restaurant on the premises. As we approached the house, we were greeted by the sounds of diners on the front porch and by a swing hanging from the tree. The scene was truly enchanting.

The farmhouse is so cozy, and the kitchen has the look and feel of your home kitchen. We could see  straight into the kitchen from the dining room which quickly filled up after our arrival. The overall interior vibe was extremely cozy with tall vaulted ceilings and a huge fireplace. The large windows allowed a marvelous view over the rambling, mountainous property with freshly cut grass and flocks of birds flying in for landings on the perfectly manicured lawn. In one word...dreamy!

The menu selection changes, weekly, I believe, but the menu is listed on the website, link provided above. As a starter, I chose the Tomato and Avocado Salad~photo below~ and it was marvelous. My husband chose the house salad that accompanies the meal, but he ordered the Lobster Bisque soup.  I will admit that I snuck a small taste of his soup, and it was amazing. My salad is pictured below, and girls, how much do you love the monogramed napkin in the bread basket?? Thank you! It's all about the details.

My husband and I both had the Center Cut Filet Mignon. They had some wonderful seafood and veal offerings on the menu, but y'all, I'm picky! I know you don't get that vibe from any of my posts, do you?? Anyway, that filet...described as a "Painted Hills Farms" product from Wheeler County, Oregon with Cabernet Glaze, Potatoes Du Jour and Summer Vegetables was perfection. No steak knife necessary. That's can cut it with your butter knife...they don't even bring you a steak knife...that's how confident they are! I like that...confidence in your product. Now, I must admit, I'm a bad blogger! I got so excited when I saw that yummy steak, I cut it before I took the photo for you all. So, it's not pretty, perfection like everyone expects, but...I'm not losing any sleep over it...because it was delish! I know, the plate is a little messy...sorry! I thought you would still like to see it! At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed every last bite (which is a coup in and of itself for me, as I can rarely eat everything on my plate).

Now, for the finale...dessert! Anyone who knows me knows that I have, from time to time, been known to skip the main course and go directly to dessert. Since I ate the entirety of my meal, on this particular occasion, my husband actually ordered dessert, a delicious cheesecake, and I snuck a bite or two or three of his. I could not, however, forgo my usual after dinner coffee. Coffee was wonderful, but the only thing I could ask for, that wasn't available, was a touch of honey for sweetener~my hubby loves it so.

As we departed, I snapped this lovely view of the barn, which is directly across from the farmhouse. There is nothing about this property that isn't lovely. Again, anyone who knows me knows that I love the tranquility of landscapes and views as much as I love my dining experiences. The Farmhouse at Persimmon Creek was truly a dining experience. I don't know about you all, but I place a lot of emphasis on ambience and atmosphere. A meal might taste great, but I may not return to a great restaurant as often as I should just because I have a NEED for great ambience. I hate to admit that. It's all about the feels! The combination of ambience and great food at The Farmhouse at Persimmon Creek was pure heaven, and we will most certainly be back...sooner rather than later!

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend and are inspired to seek out a great dining experience!



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