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Am I alone in my heavy addiction to pretty papers? I suspect not! Journals are my particular weakness, and I have tons of them all around. My desk drawers are full, and they are stacked on my nightstand! It's to the point that my husband just rolls his eyes if he sees yet another journal in my shopping cart. I can't help myself. I mean, they're pretty, and they call out to me. One day, I imagine I'll take the time to stop and fill them all up. πŸ˜‰ 

This year, I was even committed to using this ☝🏻️gorgeous paper calendar and journal from Paper Source. Well...let's just's not exactly full! The office computer calendar and iPhone calendar still prevail. I want to use it full time. I really do! It just hasn't materialized. Anyone else have similar issues? I mean, I wanted to use it really bad, if for no other reason because it's so darn pretty. When you open the front cover, it looks like heavy gold leaf. You can't beat that, and I just love the peachy tones. Alas...

Note cards and thank you notes are almost on the same level as journals. I love hand-written notes. It's a dying art, but one that needs to remain very much alive. Admit it, receiving a hand-written note makes you feel special. I love to send and receive hand-written notes, and I especially cherish the tradition of thank you notes.  I really feel like one thing that goes such a long way in life is graciousness, and sometimes I think we as a society don't show it often enough. It's so easy to write a sweet note to someone who has done something for you. It might just make their day. As for note cards, Crane & Co. is one of my favorite brands. I love for the paper to be thick and sturdy. It just feels nicer and sends the message that you are invested in the thank you or other note you are conveying.  

What are some of your favorite paper brands? I'd really love to hear from you! I have linked below for shopping sources for the same or similar items shown here. Of course, the calendar/journal was for 2017, so I have linked to the new 2018 calendar/journal. It's pretty too! 😘

Info to shop:

Heart Note Cards (Similar style) Amazon

Crane & Co. Bumble Bee 🐝 Thank You Cards Fine Stationary

2018 Luxe Page A-Day Planner Paper Source

Gold Journal (Similar) Paper Source

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