Fashion Meets Nature

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Aren't the weekends just the best? They're my favorite time because me and my husband are both free at the same time to go do whatever we want. The week days stay so busy, it's difficult to find time to relax and really enjoy the days together. I don't know about y'all, but we don't get too crazy on the weekend. We enjoy having a nice dinner out together and just relaxing. Of course, we like getting out and about. I mean, look at this gorgeous place that we call home! We are so blessed to have this beauty all around us, and I just love getting out and experiencing it all.

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One of my huge hobbies is taking nature photographs, so any chance I get to snap a beautiful nature photo, I jump at it. I also really love old buildings and churches. I photograph a lot of those. My sweet husband is so tolerant! He really is!! He drives me around and stops whenever I see the perfect shot. On top of it all, he rarely complains! I'm fortunate that he indulges my crazy hobby to that extent, and I love him for it. I'm a lucky girl!

This is the beautiful Blackwater River, where I grew up. This was taken Saturday, and it was overcast. I remember, even as a child, thinking that changing weather is most beautiful over the water, and I still believe that. At times, the sky completely reflects itself in the water below. Now, that's something to see. Overcast days produce some really beautiful photographs, and I love watching the waves lap onto the shore after the boats go by.

Okay, I guess that's enough going on about my photos. Let's talk about my outfit. I know I've probably said it before, but I love, love, love wearing white in the summer. First of all, I live in Florida, and its hot as Hades. Second, well, white just looks good! My favorite thing about it is that you can pop on a scarf, belt and shoes of any color and make the entire outfit something different. I'm also a complete white tee shirt addict. I'm not sure how many I have, but I'm sure it's a ridiculous number. For you tiny girls out there, fitted tees just look better than loose, floppy shirts. I honestly can't wear a very loose shirt, or I look like I've been swallowed. Check out my Shop page for some of my all time favorite tees.

I know that I'm sporting a lot of flats and loafers! Well, unfortunately, I have tendinitis in my right ankle that has kept me from wearing the boxes and boxes of new summer heels that I bought! I mean...I'm mortified! Hopefully, it's on the mend, and I can wear them before the end of summer! Fingers crossed! I actually love these Gucci loafers, though. They are super comfy, and they look cute with jeans or shorts. The are linked above.

I love this Ralph Lauren bright blue belt, and you can purchase a similar one in the link above. As for this scarf, I've linked to the most similar one I could find in the U.S. If you live in the U.K., there are some styles a lot closer.

My sunnies are Gucci, and you can purchase them from the link above.

I'm wearing another great Kimmy Kay bag, and you can actually see a close up photo of this very purse in her Instagram gallery by following the hyperlink. She has a link in her Instagram bio to shop her products, as well. This bag is great because it can be worn as a cross-body for a casual  outfit like I'm wearing, or you can remove the strap and carry it as a clutch. It could actually make a rather dressy clutch. The detail on the bag is amazing with fringe, a tassel and mixed media cuts of leather. I absolutely love it!

My bracelets are Lenny and Eva beads in off white and pink. I have so many of their bracelets because they are so cute and versatile. I love mixing them up with yellow gold jewelry. Link to shop above.

I hope you all have enjoyed my post and my nature photos. Please comment so that I know what you think, and enter your email if you want to automatically receive my new blog posts to your inbox. 

Have a great weekend, and enjoy your precious time with your family and friends! 💋



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