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How to Jazz Up Your Basic Black Wardrobe 
for Fall/Winter and Blog Linkup

I don't know about you guys, but for Fall/Winter I always feel like if I have great black basics in my wardrobe, everything else is on point. Let's face it, you can take a great pair of black pants and a black cashmere turtleneck and layer almost anything over it to achieve a great look.  I can't lie, I buy four or five of the same black cashmere sweaters (I buy crew neck and turtleneck), and they are worn on repeat during the Fall/Winter months. I love light weight cashmere because it will basically adapt to weather. If it's really cold, it keeps you warm, but, on the other hand, you won't burn up if it's just chilly out.

The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission for clicks and/or if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

BAGATELLE LEATHER BIKER JACKET: Same jacket in four different colors available HERE and30% OFF through 9/23/17. Similar: HEREHERE, and HERE in faux leather // CASHMERE TURTLENECK OLD LOFT: Similar HEREHERE and HERE // BLACK SKINNY PANTS: Similar: HEREHERE and HERE // VINCE CAMUTO BOOTS: Similar: HEREHERE and HERE 

I'm a fan of all black. I love it...maybe it's the way contrasts with my pale skin or the way it sets off my red hair...I don't know...I just know I LOVE IT! 😍 However, at times, all black needs a little jazzing up. So, I like to add a contrasting jacket or boots with special detail, like these black boots with silver detail. To set a contrasting tone, I also like to wear tannish brown or burgundy boots with black.

I absolutely love the detail on this leather jacket.  Let me tell you, this jacket is heavy and extremely great quality. I have linked the exact same jacket in four different colors above, along with alternative jackets in this same color and a faux leather version for all of you great thrifty shoppers.  I love it in this light pinkish color because it's just different.

Admittedly, I'm a huge fan of black, on black on black! I just love the streamlined appearance of it, and for those of you who are vertically challenged (a/k/a SHORT) like me, it just makes you feel taller, doesn't it? For us short people (I'm only 5'1") anything that helps is appreciated! Another thing, black is just easy and classic and is the absolute best neutral.

FAUX FUR VEST (Old Rachel Zoe): Similar: HERE for less than $50 and HERE for less than $35 // BOOTIES (Old Ann Taylor) Similar: HEREHERE and HERE

To give my outfit an entirely different vibe, I've styled the same black pants and sweater with a multi-colored faux fur vest and shorter black booties.  I love the contrast of the brown tones in the vest with the black. I bought this vest several years ago and have enjoyed it every winter since.  It looks really great for faux fur, and it's warm!  These booties are a little dressy and can even be worn with a skirt or dress. They were my night time go-to booties on a trip to New York because they just looked great with everything.

PONCHO (Last years Target) Similar: HERE for less than $20HERE and HERE for less than $70 // BOOTS (old) Similar: HERE and HERE

To create an entirely different look, with a more comfy cozy feel, I styled the exact same pants and sweater with reddish brown knee boots and a cozy poncho, and I have linked similar options above. This is a super comfy and warm travel style and actually is a lovely look for dinner out or a casual day at the office. The boots pick up the burgundy tones in the poncho to tie the look together.

So, whether you love basic black by itself or jazzed up a bit, the options are basically limitless. Just change up your outerwear and boots, and your outfit looks completely different. Below scroll right below to see more options.

As always, I love to share my favorite sales and places to shop, so I have linked them below:

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Fall Tops Under $100


We all love a bargain don't we?  BUT...we want quality too! These gorgeous Fall tops check off all the boxes! They are all below $100, in fact, some are well below $100, AND they are on sale through 9/17/17 for an additional 40% off with Promo Code: TOPITOFF ! 

Ann Taylor produces quality pieces that I've been wearing for years. I have tons of their pieces in my closet that look great year after year. I also love that many of their pieces come in petite sizes...I mean equal rights to shop for us short people...I'm a soaring 5 feet 1 inch tall! Am I right? The other great thing about Ann Taylor is that the pieces are office appropriate. So, if you're looking to update your work wardrobe, or just add some great Fall pieces, these 40% off sales are great times to do that. I try to shop when in season items are on great sales like this, and I've scored a lot of beauties that way. I've added additional favorites below, all on sale! Scroll left for more. For more of my Ann Taylor picks go here .

On a personal note, I have to tell you all that I am dog tired, and I mean that literally. My cute little poodle that you see in my photos is 14 1/2 years old, and his nighttime sleeping habits are becoming so bad. He seems to get severe anxiety as soon as it's bedtime. I can't explain it. He starts pacing and huffing as soon as I get on the bed. I think it may be due to the fact that he can't hear well, and the thought of being in the dark unsettles him. He's fine during the day and up until bedtime. However, we are up almost all night every night trying to pacify him. I love him too much to put him in another room and just make him stick it out, so I take him out, offer him food, anything to try to calm him. Anyway, I'm taking him to the vet Saturday to see if they can offer any solutions. I know this has nothing to do with this post, it's just a little of my real life drama right now. I know we all have it. I appreciate you all!

I plan to start doing at least a weekly, maybe more often, "UNDER $100" post for you all. It will vary as to what pieces I include. Sometimes, I will do entire outfits and others, I will focus on specific pieces, especially if there is a great sale.  Let me know if this is something you enjoy seeing, and let me know if you prefer to see specific items or full looks! Happy Thursday's almost the weekend! YAY! 😊 



Tweed for the Transition into Fall

Top (Loft from several years ago) Similar: here & here & plus size here // Shorts: (Loft from last year) Similar: here & here  & here  // Sandals: (Exact) here & Similar here  & here .

As you all know you by now, I live in balmy, hot Florida, so I'm still rocking shorts as much as possible, and of course, I hold true to my beloved neutral color palette. These cute gray and white tweed shorts were posted on my Instagram several days ago and are great for transitioning from summer into fall.  I wore this outfit to brunch on Sunday, and of course, it was as hot and humid as ever here.  I then adapted it slightly for dinner out Sunday night, and I have linked below the comfy fur slide shoes and sweater I added for night time. The fur slides come in multiple colors (even though they show in the link in pink). Mine are black, and I know, I know, at lot of you are saying, WHAT??? fur slides! But, they are really popular this season, and I have two pairs, and LOVE❤️ mine! Plus, the UGG slides, which I have linked, are super, and I mean, super, comfy! My husband calls them my slippers, which, they are NOT, but I can't lie, they do sort of feel like slippers!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I love tweed because it's got a little weight and texture and it looks great worn with a long sleeve shirt or light sweater. If it's still just a little too warm, and you still want to wear shorts, tweed is a great option, and you can wear it with sandals and a tee during the day and add a sweater and warmer shoes for night time (intro for the fur slides mentioned above). 

Below is a this same outfit as featured on my Instagram feed, with a white top, and you can shop the look from the Shop page of my blog as well. The shoes in that photo are Tieks, and you can shop those here . I really can't say enough great things about my Tieks. The pair you see in this photo are my very first pair, and I've had them since about 2008-2009. They hold up awesome. I've had so many people ask me if they are worth the money (this pair in metallic pewter is $195), and the answer is yes, yes and yes! I have bought multiple pairs since my first pair, and they are all in excellent condition. The thing about Tieks is that they are all handmade, and the leather is dyed in such a way that even if you scratch the shoe, the color is so saturated in, the dye does not scratch off. I have never polished a pair of my Tieks, because I've never need to. Additionally, they only become more comfortable with time. My very favorite pairs are the Classics, as they are the softest and the easiest to break in. I have several pairs of the patents, which I love, but they do take longer to break in.

Here, you can see that you have the option of adding a scarf or a statement necklace to style this great outfit anyway you choose. I hope you all enjoy my posts. Enter your email on my blog to follow for great fashion and sale updates. You don't want to miss out on advance notice of these great sales, straight to your inbox! Below are few of my favorite sales for the upcoming week:

LOFT: 50% Off All Sale Styles (Valid 9/6/17 at 3 a.m. to 9/11/17 at 3 a.m.)

Let me know if there is anything you would love to see more of, and I will do my best to make it happen! I love interacting with you guys!

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Julie πŸ’‹

Labor Day~The Last Official Day of Summer 
and of Blue and White

Top: onsale: here (limited sizes)// Similar: here// Shorts: Similar here (great price) // Sandals: Similar here and here // Necklace : Similar here and here // Bracelet: Same brand, similar style here and here .

So, it's "officially" the last day of Summer, which, for us strict constructionists, means the last day of white. That also means it's the last official day of blue and white until next year. I'm a pretty firm Southerner when it comes to this tradition. I mean, I still wear white tee shirts, of course, but white pants and other things...not so much. This just about kills me, because I'm a huge navy blue (who am I kidding, any blue) and white fan, and a navy shirt just doesn't look as crisp with a pair of blue jeans! I love my white jeans, and I absolutely hate packing them away for the Fall/Winter!

So, as an ode to the Labor Day and the last official day of Summer, of course, my outfit inspiration is blue and white! 😭😭😭. This particular top is super cute and has fluttery off the shoulder lace sleeves. The one in the photo above is the Merona one below. If you live in a super hot area like me (Florida), you will be able to wear this top for some time. I also love to wear cute short sleeve tops with cardigan sweaters even when it's cooler. You can always remove the sweater if it's warm inside where ever you are headed.

Let's not forget that there are tons of great Labor Day Sales going on right now! Here are a few of my my favorites that you definitely shouldn't miss:

I hope you all have a great Labor Day with your friends and family! I'll be cooking hamburgers and such at my house for my family!πŸ’•


Julie ❤️

Date Night

There's really not much I love more than a great night out with my main squeeze...I mean really! However, by the time that great evening arrives, I'm usually tired and may just want to throw on something presentable and go! I don't know about you ladies, but it's a real world struggle for me as to HOW dressed up date night really needs to be.

I mean, I love to dress up and look cute for my guy, but...I'm usually tired! Am I right? The days are long, and WE ladies work hard! I must admit, the true dictator of just how dressy I plan to get usually depends on the location of the date...sorry! If we are going to a fancy smancy restaurant, I dress accordingly. If not, well... I know, I know!!

One color I probably rely upon too much for date night is black. It's easy, soooo... easy, to throw on and look dressy, even if it's not really a super dressy outfit. It's easy to accessorize, and it can even make our tiredness pop and not look, well, so tired! 

This simple get-up is a great Fall transition date night combo. Leather or pleather leggings, loose top and leopard print shoes! I like to pair it with yellow gold accessories, but I'm just loving yellow gold right now. Work it ladies, but make it as easy on yourself as possible! I've linked multiple options to achieve this look for you! Scroll through them all, as I have linked affordable options throughout. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and, as always, please let me know if there is something you would like to see more of.

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Fashion Investment Pieces

Let's talk about spending on fashion, shall we? I know how it is. You see all of these BEAUTIFUL things, and you WANT them...ALL OF THEM!! Am I right??? But, they cost SOOOO much!! 

So, let's just examine the above outfit. The jeans are from Target (several years ago). The top is from Loft (several years ago).  I have linked similar looks below. Now...the shoes...well, those are Gucci suede loafers from this year, and I will wear them for years to come. They have been one of my absolute favorite pairs of shoes this year, AND, more importantly, they are comfy! My point here is that most of the outfit is relatively cheap...NOT the shoes, but we can't have it all! Scroll right below to see more of the look.

Okay, don't be fooled by all of the advertising and blog posts into thinking that you need to spend a million bucks to look beautiful...'cause, you don't! Do I buy nice things? Sure. However, I pick and choose the things where I spend big. I also realize, and take into account when linking clothes for y'all, that some people just can't afford to spend big on anything right now, BUT, of course, they still want to look great!!

I'm sure you all notice from my looks, I buy all kinds of clothes from Target to Gucci...OKAY...and I love them all! My suggestion for you ladies that just HAVE to HAVE that one designer piece or multiple designer pieces in your closet, but you're working on a budget, is to invest in timeless shoes that you will wear (not that one great pair of high heels that you will only wear once or twice) and timeless handbags. Sure, you can buy the trendy, of the moment handbag, but if you're stretching your budget to buy it in the first place, and it's out of style in six months to a year...what have you really accomplished? Below are my picks for timeless handbags. Scroll right to see more. Are they expensive, yes, but that is the topic of this post.

For handbags, I love a timeless, classic Gucci leather bag, preferably a tote. I suppose you can't go wrong with a Louis, but EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE has them.  I personally, LOVE to have something that everyone else doesn't have. That's one reason I buy from small designers that hand make their goods. Of course, I also buy from large, well-known designers. 

I love Mulberry bags or a classic Saint Laurent bag. Sure, you can run out and buy a ChloΓ© or Celine bag, and it may be in style for a while, but again, EVERYONE is buying them!!! I go by the mantra below, and you should too, especially when spending your hard earned cash!

This could really lead me into a discussion of strong personal style, as opposed to trend following. Here's the thing, once you have a strong sense of your personal self, you will (or should) develop your personal style, and your wardrobe choices will (or should) be based upon that. That doesn't mean that you won't like and/or buy new stylish pieces. It does mean that you won't jump on every trend bandwagon that comes along. Trend spending is wasteful spending.

Seriously, if you look at 99% of Instagram "fashion bloggers" THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!  It amazes me that everyone wants to look alike. Whatever happened to individuality? To personal style? Anyway, I digress! Back to the point of this to spend your money to where you get the most benefit! Below are my shoe picks. Again, I try to go comfy and timeless on my expensive shoes. Scroll right for more selections.
Okay, so what do I like to buy on the cheap?  I love a cheap tee shirt, and I'm not ashamed WHERE I buy it! NO, I don't mean the kind with Pensacola Beach scrolling across the back with a big wave under it! I mean a great, white, fitted, cap-sleeved tee! One of my favorites is below. 

So, I guess you get my point on this, shorts, tees those things you can buy cheap...even little sun dresses or rompers, and you will still look great as long as you spend your money on shoes and bags. Now, if you can't spend a lot of money on shoes and bags, that's okay. I always link great shoes and bags for you that are very reasonable and that will last you a season or longer. Believe it or not, I've got shoes in my closet from Target that have lasted multiple seasons. Hey...if they're still good and still in style...I'm keepin' them! Additionally, often times, you can find a designer "look a-like" if you just don't want to spend that money, and there's nothing wrong with that. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed my post, and be sure to to enter your email address to follow my blog. Don't worry, you won't get any spam...just my blog posts delivered directly to your inbox so you don't miss a thing! Happy Saturday!!


Julie πŸ’‹

Party Time~~A Friend's Going Away Party

So, if you follow my Instagram, you’ve seen this outfit from last Saturday night, but I thought you might want to see where the outfit went last weekend! A dear friend of mine has a son going to graduate school in New York. Yes, that dates me, but I’m not letting a number get to me. At any rate, my Honey (in the photo above) and me had a great time attending his going away party.  (Photo by: Roger D. Martinez, Jr. who happens to be an awsome DJ and wedding planner, as well, check him out!)

Above, here we are at the party with my friend, Paulette, on the left, my Honey, me and Paulette’s son, Paul. Paulette happens to be a fabulous chef who can cater any event to the nines! She frequently entertains for her friends at her house with fabulous spreads! If I could only cook like that woman, but, alas, I’m not a very domestic soul. Check her out at Nouveau Pastries and Catering ( Photo by: Roger D. Martinez, Jr.

And of course, girls just wanna have fun, but we have a photo bomber, my silly husband!  At any rate, we had an awsome time, and the graduate student got a wonderful send off. My casual outfit worked out perfectly, because we live in Florida y’all, and it was humid as all get out! Photo by: Roger D. Martinez, Jr.

Above was my entire look for the evening, and I have linked to the exact shorts and similar items for everything else. The lovely bag is one of a kind, but you can purchase a similar one or have one made especially for your by the talented Kimmy Kay on Instagram:  @_kimmy_kay_ . She now has a shop link in her Instagram bio. My outfit Deets below (I've even included a plus size option in the fabulous shorts): 

Ginger Photog partners with several affiliate programs, meaning that commission can be earned from purchases/clicks by those who visit this site and on any Ginger Photog media platforms. 

I hope you all enjoy my posts. Please comment and let me know what you would like to see more of, and if you like what you see, hop over to my Shop page and check out the items I have selected just for you! 



Florida Heat~Breezy Style

Y'all it is so hot here in Florida, it's almost impossible not to melt! We already know I love white jeans, which are about as cool as you can get for daytime wear. This super cute off the shoulder top is one I just picked up from Target at a great price. Interestingly, it has buttons all the way up the front, but I styled it with the buttons in the back. It works both ways, but I think it looks best like this. I love  versatile pieces that can be worn more than one way. Other colors were available too! I have linked several similar styles of jeans, belts and shoes below. The only item not tagged in the link is my fabulous tote bag by Kimmy Kay . Click link to shop her Instagram page! 😘

Ginger Photog partners with several affiliate programs, meaning that commission can be earned from purchases/clicks by those who visit this site and on any Ginger Photog media platforms. 

This look transitioned great from work day to a dinner date with my Honey! If you live locally, one of my very favorite restaurants is Pot Roast & Pinot . It's high end comfort food with a great cocktail and wine list. It never disappoints, and it's open late, which I love! One of my favorite menu items is the cheese tray...I order it as my meal, and it's fabulous with your favorite glass of wine 🍷.  Doesn't it look yummy?

My days lately are super busy. I'm in the process of remodeling a rental property, which is practically a full time job! πŸ™ŒπŸ»  I really find that I'm more inspired when I'm in the middle of a project like this one. Daily, I'm dealing with plumbers, electricians, flooring contactors and painters. Ladies, don't ever doubt that you CAN do anything you set your mind to! I practice law and run two other businesses, one of them being my rental properties, which I also manage myself. It's hectic, but nothing is better than being your own boss! Don't misunderstood, it has its trials, but at the end of the day, you're working for you and your family. Always believe in yourself, and the success will follow. πŸ’ž

If you like my look, click here {Shop}to shop all of my looks. From my Blog, click on the Shop page and click on any photo for shopping deets! I hope you ladies are enjoying my content, and please feel free to ask questions or leave comments for me. Subscribe to my Blog to receive it directly to you inbox! 😘
I love you all for following my posts! Let's all make this week count, and, as always, live life beautifully! ❤️


Julie πŸ’‹


Bright Blues & Crisp Whites~ Summer Neutrals

I absolutely love wearing blue and white during the summer. Perhaps it's a Florida girl thing...nautical and all, but whatever it is, I can't get enough! I pair white tees with everything, and my theory is that you can never have too many white tees or white jeans, for that matter!

Ginger Photog partners with several affiliate programs, meaning that commission can be earned from purchases/clicks by those who visit this site and on any Ginger Photog media platforms. 

This fabulous, bright blue cardigan sweater is from Target, and for reference, I'm wearing an extra small. I know it's hot as blazes in Florida right now, but I'm cold natured, especially indoors where the air is blasting. Light weight cardigans during the summer are a life saver. This cute number comes in multiple colors! These super cute and comfy mocs are a new favorite shoe of mine from M Gemi called the Passare, linked above, but hurry, as the colors tend to sell out fast. Mine are Harbor Blue.

This fabulous tote bag, well, it was custom made especially for me by the gifted artisan Kimmy Kay who has a shop in Clarkesville, Georgia. Don't worry though, she has tons of great pieces available from totes to clutches, bracelets, earrings, journals, belts, silk scarves and candles! Her shop is amazing! If you don't find something exactly like you want, Kim will make a custom item for you, as well! You can shop the link in her Instagram bio.

I wish I could remember where I bought this beautiful scarf! It's been in my closet for several years now and has quite a bit of mileage on it! πŸ˜‰ I have located a similar scarf, and it's linked above, that just happens to be on sale! My bracelets are from a great local shop Fine Things and are linked above.

I hope you all enjoy my posts, and happy shopping! 😘




Ginger Photog partners with several affiliate programs, meaning that commission can be earned from purchases/clicks by those who visit this site and on any Ginger Photog media platforms.