Get Ready for Fall

We all have our favorite classic Fall looks. In late Summer and early Fall, I love jeans, a nice top and loafers. Plus, you can't beat a great cardigan sweater! In fact, this is basically my daily uniform. I do love a great casual look! How about you guys, what's your favorite look for Fall? Most of the pieces below are on sale, so if you love what you see, click on the photos and shop the look. 
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It's been a busy Summer around my house. My 85 year old Dad had a heart attack, so we've had to deal with that. He is actually doing pretty good at this point, thank goodness. However, any little health glitch like that throws everything off...I know you all get it! Thankfully, my wonderful husband steps in and helps with the pups, and we get things done!

I've added all sorts of home decor items to my page For the Home, so check them out! I'm also constantly adding new Fall favorites to my Shop Fall Style page, so visit often to get in on all of my favorite Fall looks!

I hope to post more often, but at the very least, I will update the shop pages! 



Father's Day Gift Guide 2018 & A Few Random Thoughts

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It seems impossible that it's almost Father's Day 2018! Am I right? This year has flown by. I chalk it up, in part, to some of the disastrous events that have occurred this year, which haven't shared on here, and I'm not sure if or when I ever will. That's okay. Things are okay, or as okay as they can be. I will say, take a look around you, at your friends and family and be grateful to God for each and every one of them because when the truly hard things in life occur, they are the ones that will pull you though. You'll pull each other through. I've learned that this year more than I could have ever imagined.

Summer Wedding Style ~ Each Piece Under $50

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I don't know what it is about green, maybe it's because I'm a May baby, and emerald is my birthstone, but green is just lovely! I'm completely drawn to it. I've eyed and eyed this green dress, and I may have shared it before, but right now, it's on sale for less than $40! Can you even imagine? I mean, it's gorgeous! I see it as a great dress for summer weddings or other events where you need to get a little dressy, and I think gold is the perfect accessory color!

Cute Summer Rompers Under $50

I don't know about you guys, but I'm totally smitten with cute rompers this season! I'm seeing them everywhere, and I'm in love! If you really look, you can find tons of affordable options for less than $50, and, let's be real, the romper is like basically the WHOLE outfit!!  Am I right? I mean, add sandals and a cute bag, and you're ready to go! So, I decided to round up my favorite rompers under $50, and I've added two shoe selections, one wedge and one flat. These should get you anywhere you need to go with any of these outfits, and I've added one straw bag and a great pair of earrings. So easy peasy, which is what I'm looking for in this hot weather!

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The Makings for a Cozy Mountain Cottage

The North Georgia Mountains are a special, special place. While we spend most of our time in Florida, very close to Pensacola, we also own a cozy mountain cottage in the North Georgia Mountains. While Florida is great, the Mountains call me home each time. It is so peaceful and relaxing there. Everyone takes life at a slower pace and it truly is just a happy place for me and for others. If you have never visited North Georgia, I highly recommend it. The natural beauty is unlike anything else and you will be content just staring out a window, or taking a walk through the woods, with the cool mountain air breathing down on you.

Five Facts About Me & Ginger's Linkup #16

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How many bloggers do you follow that you don't really know THAT much about? The more I follow certain bloggers, the more fun facts I learn! Like, I've learned that several bloggers I follow are attorneys, like me, or have at least been to law school. So, my friend, Anita, from Saved Classy and Chic and I were discussing it, and we decided to do a post with five facts that you might not know about us! Once you get finished reading my post, head on over to Anita's blog and check out some fun facts about her.